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Reward Map Whiteboards (CHOOSE YOUR THEME!)

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Bright, fun children's reward maps! 

Work your way up the path, by moving up a space when good behaviour is shown. Tidy your room, help with dishes, pick up toys. There's lots of different things to do to move up!

Collectprizes on the way to keep your child motivated... complete your own shape key with a whiteboard pen. When you land on an egg for example, the reward could be 30 minutes game time! 

★ Choose velcro or colour in path 

★ Use any whiteboard pen and simply rub off if needed.

★ Personalise with a name

★ A4 size

★ Printed on an aluminium sheet - sturdy and long lasting!
★ Comes with string to attach yourself if needed

★ Please note this chart is NOT magnetic - please purchase magnets separately if you'd like to attach it to a fridge

★ Design is copyrighted by Craftly