hello, I'm kim!

I'm 23 years old and I live in Nottingham with baby boy, Ivan.
I'm a new mama and my biggest challenge so far has been trying to juggle business and baby life.

I set up Craftly in May 2014. I've always been a creative learner, I doodled in classes, I studied it and did it in my free time. When I left school, I didn't want to go on to further education as I was bullied and left with little self confidence. After working for a while, I knew that retail and scanning bread is not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I already followed a few business pages who made wooden plaques and it inspired me to open my own business. I researched for ages on what people weren't already doing; I like being different and creating something new.

Wooden reward charts were born! Hand painted and designed by me, I slowly built my business on Facebook. I grew and planted my roots from my facebook page, I then made an Instagram page, my own website, joined Not on The High Street and Etsy.

I'm so incredibly lucky and grateful for this business - I still pinch myself now! Since Ivan was born last year, I'm proud that I can work from home and still be able to look after him too.

Thank you always for your support!