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Phase 2 Sounds Matching Board

Phase 2 Sounds Matching Board

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This Phase 2 sounds board has been made to be visually appealing to younger children and engage them in a fun educational activity! Phase 2 is an introductory into letter sounds for reception and year 1 children. 


  • When all the tokens are off the board, try tracing the letters with a whiteboard pen and sound them out as you go!
  • Match the tokens with the sounds
  • Try independently writing and copying the letters from the board onto a blank one
  • Try thinking of other words for the different sounds, perhaps focusing on one at a time


1 x A4 aluminium sheet

23 x aluminium picture tokens to match

Use any whiteboard pen and simply rub off if needed.

 Design is copyrighted by Craftly

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Customer Reviews

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Laura O.

I asked kim if she could create a SATPIN (1st stage of jolly phonics board) kim said yes absolutely no problem. Again as always the design was great easy for the boys to look at and she designed 2 little picture tokens for each letter to match to. I can't express how much my boys love this board. Were in the process of adding more/new tokens and to move up to the next stage. These boards are great for early learning and so well made I know we will get so much use and possible pass down to younger cousins when/if they out grow them.