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Matching Money Whiteboard

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Young children can find recognising coins a hard concept to grasp. We want to make this a fun activity, so we've made a shops board! Use this engaging whiteboard to help your child with coin recognition starting with 1p, 2p 5p and 10p.


  • Write the money amount in the labels for each "product". Your child can then fin the matching money to pay for it.
  • You can swap this around and put money next to the "products", and your child has to write the money amount.
  • Use the coins to "pay" for things in your house! Play shops and write labels for toys


1 x A4 aluminium whiteboard

8 x aluminium money tokens (2 x 2p, 2 x 1p, 2 x 5p, 2 x 10p)

Any whiteboard pen can be used 

 Design is copyrighted by Craftly