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First Day of School Sign Whiteboard

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Your child starting school is another new milestone in their life. We've designed a whiteboard to help you capture memories each year of their school journey! Ask the questions, write them down and see how they change every time.

Printed onto 0.5mm aluminium metail for a super sturdy, long lasting product

Choose a header title:
"BLANK" for a blank box to write a whole title such as "It's my last day of year 2!"

"BLANK" day of "BLANK" to fill in the day and year. "FIRST day of YEAR 1"

First day of "BLANK" to fill in the year. "First day of YEAR 1"

"First day of school" to have it permenantly printed on the board

Use any whiteboard pen and simply rub off to reuse
Design is copyrighted by Craftly