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Emotions and Feelings Flashcards

Emotions and Feelings Flashcards

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This set of children's emotions flashcards are brightly illustrated to help young children understand their emotions. For each flashcard, they include a facial expression, an inner circle for other similar emotions, and an outer circle to explain what you might feel or experience inside your body. To help younger children engage and understand are some illustrations to portray these words. 

There are lots of games and ways to display  with these flashcards! 

  • Get your favourite animal or figure and call out an emotion. Stomp on the right one!
  • Similarly, call out a feeling such as "I feel tense! I'm so hot!". See if you can find the right one.
  • Display the flashcards on your wall! Use some blue tac to make a colourful wall display
  • Discuss which feelings may be similar, what makes them different?
  • Pretend to be an emotion! Let's be angry. Arghhh!

Suitable for all ages from 3+

Made from 0.3mm aluminium and printed onto 10cm circles

Includes a handy A5 pouch to hold them in, illustrated with a Craftly card logo.

Makes a beautiful gift for all young children.

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer B.
Great emotional regulation tool

This has been a great tool to use with a range of children. Children are able to express themselves without using words and understand their emotions.
Quality of the product is amazing, can’t wait to buy more in the future