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Children's Morning and Evening Routine Chart with Tokens (Pinks)

Children's Morning and Evening Routine Chart with Tokens (Pinks)

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How often does your child ask "what are we doing now" or "when's dinner"?
This routine chart features visual images to help your child understand their upcoming tasks and events. It helps with the independence needed to complete their own routine and causes less meltdowns as they understand.

Each token is velcroed on to the board to begin. As tasks are completed, they are taken off an put in a pot or container. At the end of the day, if all tasks are done, a velcro star is earned for the day!


  • a standard routine pack of 14 aluminium tokens as pictured (you can choose 14 of your own by selecting "CUSTOM")
  • 7 aluminium day tokens 
  • 7 wooden stars

Printed on to aluminium in A4 or A3 size (main picture is A4).

Design is copyrighted by Craftly


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Customer Reviews

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Heidi S.
Routine Chart

I recently bought this for my autistic daughter to help bring some solid routine and structure to her day and so far it’s working amazing to eliminate meltdowns through the day