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Children's Jungle Calendar (version 2)

Children's Jungle Calendar (version 2)

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A fun learning calendar for children of all ages!
Each section offers different learning skills.

★ Move the star to:
Choose the day! 
What's the weather today? 
Choose the month! 
What's the season 
How are you feeling? 

★ Made from glossy aluminium metal for a super sturdy, long lasting product

★ A3 size

★ Wipe clean

★ Alternative to paper and stickers - more rewarding and fun!

★ Choose your own name to personalise

★ This chart is NOT magnetic - please purchase magnets seperately if you'd like to attach it to a fridge

★ Design is copyrighted by Craftly

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Customer Reviews

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This calendar was an absolute godsend, whilst on placement as a Student Nurse my son was really struggling with who would be around to pick him up from nursery or who would look after him if I wasn’t there. So this was extremely useful in planning the week out with him & he was able to see all of his week planned out. This helped to reduce his worries & also supported him in his learning, he’d be able to recognise the days of the week, we’d focus on a letter and number and talk about the weather and seasons.

We absolutely love our calendar. It is beautifully made & Kim is SO helpful in helping to plan and communication with her is so simple! Thank you so much Kim!


Calendar is well presented. Looking forward to using this at circle time 😀