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Children's Jungle Calendar

Children's Jungle Calendar

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A fun learning calendar for children of all ages!
Each section offers different learning skills.

★ Move the star to:
Choose the day! 
What's the date?  
What's the weather today? 
Choose the month! 
What's the season 
How are you feeling? 

★ Made from glossy aluminium metal for a super sturdy, long lasting product

★ A3 size

★ Wipe clean

★ Alternative to paper and stickers - more rewarding and fun!

★ Choose your own name to personalise

★ This chart is NOT magnetic - please purchase magnets seperately if you'd like to attach it to a fridge

★ Design is copyrighted by Craftly

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amazing product!

After my son started nursery; he struggled with understanding his new routine, especially as I had just started studying as a children’s nurse. I came to Kim to ask if she would be able to help with creating a calendar which would support his learning as well as help him to understand when nursery days were.

She went one step further & included an additional part to our calendar which included who would pick up that day as this was something he would struggle with too. We used our calendar literally for a few days & we saw a huge improvement with his understanding of nursery days and when he would be with either mummy or daddy. He finally started settling into nursery too & I believe it’s because he was able to see his week ahead & he was able to register how many days left he would have as well as being able to look forward to what was coming for the rest of the week!

Laura C.

Don't know why it has taken me soo long to write a review but these calendars are truly amazing.
I have many products from Kim and each are worthy in their own right... but my little boy has loved using his calendar and goes to it every morning. He has definitely given it some hammer but you wouldn't be able to tell as they are made from aluminium they really do with stand alot.
My little one was not talking before I started using Kim's products and I really do believe that they have had a very positive impact on his speech and understanding
Thank you Kim xx