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Brushing Teeth Reward Chart

Brushing Teeth Reward Chart

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Brushing Teeth Reward Chart - Kids Routine - Childrens Morning Routine - Sticker Chart - Autism - Kids Chores Chart - Evening Routine

Having to bribe your children to brush their teeth?! Try this fun, bright reward chart to encourage their independence.
Each day has two spaces to reward your child with a tooth token

★ Made from glossy aluminium metal for a super sturdy, long lasting product

★ A4 size

★ Wipe clean

★ Alternative to paper and stickers - more rewarding and fun!

★ Buy teeth tokens separately for a more rewarding prize

★ Choose your own name to personalise

★ Fill up your chart for a reward!

R E W A R D ★ I D E A S

★ Technology time (TV, iPad etc)
★ New toy under £3
★ New book
★ Dessert of choice
★ Park day
★ Ice-cream
★ Stay up 30 minutes later
★ Extra bedtime story
★ Magazine

★ This chart is NOT magnetic - please purchase magnets separately if you'd like to attach it to a fridge

★ Design is copyrighted by Craftly

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Customer Reviews

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Purchased this to encourage my children to brush their teeth without having to be told.
It’s worked perfectly, they have a little race every morning and night now to see who can get their chart checked off first.