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Children's Bedtime Routine Board

Children's Bedtime Routine Board

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Sometimes the bedtime routine can be a long task! How many times are your children up to ask for something before they finally go down to sleep? This routine board helps makes sure all tasks are complete before getting into bed. No excuses to get up! 

The tasks include:

Tidy up toys, have a wash, brush teeth, get pyjamas on, use the toilet, have a drink, read a story, get into bed and stay in bed until the sun comes up!

At the end of the night routine is a section for stars to be moved on to the weekly reward chart. A good incentive to fill their week is a reward waiting at the bottom!

Includes 7 weekly plastic stars and 9 golden fabric stars 

Printed onto aluminium
Available in A3 or A4

Copyright by Craftly 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Can’t thank you enough we’ve really been struggling with every aspect of the bed time routine of bed time, every step was a battle. However since we tried the reward chart and made a couple of other tweaks it’s been great. 3 days in and it’s changed dramatically! Thank you again xx

Perfect bedtime chart

Our little boy had been unsettled since being home longer than normal, normally very active since not being able to go out as much we struggled with settling for bed. This routine chart has been brilliant and we are back to good bedtimes. It’s great because they can get involved, little man takes pride in putting a star on each task completed, it helps prompt you to keep the routine the same and has made bedtime a more fun and easier process.

Back to normal bedtimes!!

My 2 year old had become completely out of sorts at bedtime - screaming for hours, refusing to do simple things like put her pyjamas on, taking 2 hours to go to sleep and waking in the night then refusing to go back to sleep. I then bought one of these bedtime reward charts and within a week she has gone right back to being a nice child at bedtimes!!! She loves waking up in the morning to find out if she has earned her gold stars for going to sleep and staying asleep ❤️ Our entire evening routine runs so smoothly now I am honestly so amazed and grateful!

Annie L.
Bedtime Bliss!

My girls would use every excuse not to have a bath or go to bed. This routine board ticks all the boxes for our family. They now can’t wait to get their stars for bath time and bedtime. The routine board is the best I have seen. We will definitely be buying more products in the future.


My daughter loves this and so do we! Fantastic quality and so much care and thought has gone into the packaging. Thank you so much, it works a treat at bedtime for us!🤗