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Starter Activity Folder (2-3 Years)

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This is a curated folder specially chosen with the most popular Craftly activity boards for 2-3 year olds.

This A5 folder includes:

  • Colour matching mat
  • Ice cream counting to 5
  • Shape matching mat
  • Animals heads matching mat
  • Craftly whiteboard pen
  • 10 pocket sleeves in the folder
  • A personalised card for the folder

You will save 10%!

All activity boards are made from sturdy aluminium for a long lasting product. 

These boards all measure A5. It’s the perfect activity to take along and travel with to keep your children entertained at cafes, parties and events!

Use any whiteboard pen for any of these boards and simply rub off if needed.

Design is copyrighted by Craftly

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