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Children's Weekly Planner with Tokens

Children's Weekly Planner with Tokens

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Plan your children's week with this visual weekly planner and tokens. The bright, clear images help your child to visualise their events and take ownership of their days. This in turn helps to create more control and less meltdowns over the unpredictability of what's happening around them. This happens frequently when school or nursery begin and kids like to know what's happening, much like us adults when we plan our months!

Use velcro to attach the tokens onto the board and talk about the week ahead. There's a section of space at the bottom of each day to write additional information with a whiteboard pen, like meals or additional activities.

TODAY token is included
Extra tokens can be purchased from our accessories section:

A choice of tokens you can choose from is shown in the images. You can also request new custom tokens and wording (such as changing "mum" for "mama" or "nanny" for "grandma"). There is no extra cost.

Tokens are all made from aluminium

The weekly planner is printed on to an aluminium sheet for a sturdy and long lasting board!

Choose A4 (as pictured) or A3 for more room in the boxes

Use any whiteboard pen on this board to write on your planner - handy for documenting times or places!

Design is copyrighted by Craftly


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
James E.
Fantastic product and very customisable

Bought this for my 3 year old to help her understand her schedule for the week. She loved it immediately and so did we - very well made and great that you can choose exactly which tokens to get from such a wide range (and even ask for bespoke ones too!). We immediately ordered some extra tokens as our kiddo wanted to have all her activities on it :-)

Amazing and so much fun

We bought the weekly planner for our 3yo who struggled with understanding what’s happening each day as we have multiple sources of childcare. The planner lays it out very clearly and it so much fun to review and change if needs be on a weekly basis. We do it together and even let him choose activities he wants to do from the “fun tokens” we have quite a collection of them and will surely purchase more as we go along and he grows and starts school. This is definitely something we’d carry on for some years as the quality of the product is amazing!
It definitely helped us prepare him for days to come and he now even knows days of the week.
Already have my eyes on the calendars and emotions board. Thank you so much for simplifying our lives and help avoiding tantrums and confusions.

Weekly planner

Ordered this shortly after my daughter started school. She's non verbal so visually shows her who is taking her to school and picking her up, as well as any parties and appointments she may has. The quality is great as it's made from metal I don't have to worry about it breaking or getting damaged! Really pleased with my purchase and can add / change tokens when needed!

Lisa B.
A game-changer!

Bought the A3 size planner for my son before he started school to help him understand what was happening when - he found it hard to remember without a visual aid, and it has really helped both of us to plan for the week. The quality is superb - 1 year + on and it still looks like new. It’s made of sturdy aluminium that can be written on and wiped off, with holes to allow for hanging or attaching to the wall. Craftly even did some bespoke tokens for us to match what we needed. Honestly one of the best and most-used purchases I’ve made for him, and I can see it continuing to be used for many years to come. Just need to order some new tokens for new activities now!

Brilliant planner

I ordered this for my daughter, we didnt have the tokens and had it in pastel shades. It really is a lovely little planner. It attaches to the fridge. Good quality and a great product for any ages to help them see what they are doing each day. Came well packaged and a little note. Was easy to order and Kim was very helpful. Thanks, definitely recommending and will be ordering again in future.