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Understanding Money and Change (KS2)

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This concept has been developed with teachers to be in line with school curriculum. We have designed an educational game to interest and make fun for children!

  • First, a parent or teacher can write in the different money amounts by each item. 

Receipt A is meant to be the easiest and only have increments of 10p.

Receipt B is the "middle" level and has increments of 5p.

Receipt C is the hardest and has increments of random money amounts. 

Your child can choose which they want to have a go at, and then you choose which two items for them to work out.

  • Underneath is a section for them to work out how much the two items cost
  • You then put the money amount they are paying with, in which they have to work out how much change they are owed.

For this, you might have to use another board or piece of paper for working out.

How is best to work this out?

  • How much pence do you need to add to make it to the next pound? Write it down.
  • Add that much pence on to your products total cost to make a whole amount (e.g. £61.00 as shown in this sum).
  • How many pounds does it take to get to £70 (the amount paid).
  • £9 + 0.17p = £9.17

Includes 15 matching picture tokens and 6 money tokens
Printed onto an A4 aluminium board

Any whiteboard pen can be used with this whiteboard

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