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How long does it take? Time Practise Whiteboard

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This time "game" has been developed by KS2 teachers to help your children visually learn how time is calculated! 

We have designed this interactive whiteboard with timetables for each level of difficulty.

  • Timetable A is the easiest and you should write times in 10 minute intervals.
  • Timetable B is the "middle" difficulty and should be wrote in 5 minute intervals.
  • Timetable C is the "hardest" difficulty and can be wrote in random intervals

Your child can decide which difficulty to go for. 

  • Then, choose two picture tokens from that receipt for your child to calculate how long it will take to go there. 
  • The calculation space is below - the number line method is a popular one to use to work this out 
  • As shown, start with the time of the first place, then draw a line to the other side the with the time of the place you're travelling to.
  • How many minutes does it take to get to the next place, if there's one in between? Draw this on the line.
  • How many minutes until the next hour? Draw this on the line.
  • When you get to the same hour as the place you're travelling to, how many minutes until you get there?
    Finally, add all the minutes you've "travelled" so far and that's how long it takes!


Printed onto an A4 aluminium whiteboard

Any whiteboard pen can be used with this whiteboard

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