I ask for help on my insight a lot because I know there are a huge amount of parents who follow me! You always offer such great advice for those that have been there.

When I shared about my 6 year old son's anxiety which seems to stem from new people and situations, you gave some great tips which i'll also share with those of you who are going through the same 



A worry monster (aff link)

After it coming highly recommended on instagram, I got Ivan one of these fluffy friends! The mouth zips open to put a written worry inside, and the idea is that it 'eats' the worry. He liked the idea of it and I got him to choose one to get him involved in the process.


BOOKS aff link

Ruby's worry was mentioned ALOT so I got us a copy to read through. I also really rate the wobbler which we used for anger but sometimes Ivan's disregulation is the same so it's relevant for both for us.
Other reccomendations:
  • NAME the anxiety. 'Oh, this sounds like Andy Anxiety is playing in your brain again. Shall we tell him it's ok?'
  • Use validating statements like 'I can see your tummy is hurting and it's making you not want to go to school.


  • If it's about a new place (Ivan my 6 year old's biggest worry), try and view the place with them beforehand or see if you can find videos and photos online.
  • Social stories


  • Something small to keep in their pocket to remind them of you. A photo, a scented tissue or draw matching love heart tattoos.


I'll blow my own trumpet a little bit, we've had no end of positive reviews for our mindful range and this one in particular really helps to develop understanding of where the anxiety is, how it feels and what makes it appear. It also suggests coping techniques to help.

You can print your own
Or get our aluminium boards here

 hope you found this useful!
Kim x