October subscription - Weather

This months subscription theme is all about opening the discussion for weather!
I made an interactive scene for younger children to find the weather and match it! Activities like this really help to develop speech, picture recognition and even fine motor skills.
As well as matching the pictures, you can discuss what the weather is today and choose the right one!
For 3-4 year olds we have a simple weather and clothes activity this month.
You can choose the weather to do by placing the token there and asking your child/ren what you would wear for this weather! There are extra accessories to choose from if you may need them on certain weather days, too!
For a little add on, you can discuss the temperature and whether it would be hot, mild or cold.

As a more advanced activity, you choose the clothes for the person to wear, and then your child can guess what weather it would be to wear those types of clothes.

When you're doing using this as an activity,
you can display it along side a calendar to help discuss and choose your clothing choices every day!
For 4-6 year olds, I made a more developed version of the clothing and weather concept.
There's lots of discussions to have with this one.
You can use it as an activity to discuss different possibilities, and then also display it to use to show the current day!
Perhaps you could choose a season like Winter, and ask your child to decide what the weather, temperature, holiday and clothing would be. 
There's a blank space in holidays for you to add your own! Their may be religious holidays, birthdays or special occasions of your own you may want to include.
I hope you love using your boards this month!
Thank you so much for subscribing to our activity boards,
you're the best!
Kim x

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