September Subscription - Dinosaurs

It's dinosaur month!
I really hope you love these activities we've made to help turn learning into a fun and imaginative visuals...
Here's some tips for the 4-6 year olds activity!
  • As this is a reading comprehension type task, it may be a little on the advanced scale for younger ones in this age group. You can start by asking them to copy letters you show them and giving them a helping hand along the way
  • First of, choose a dinosaur fact card to put on your board
  • Have a go at tracing the dinosaurs name
  • Then, find the right facts for Name, Diet, Height and Weight and practice freehand writing them
  • Maybe you can write them in yourself, with a spelling mistake or wrong letter for a word and ask your child to spot the mistake! 

  • Write a task on the back of one of the flashcards for a comparing, analysing and reading activity!
  • Which dinosaurs are herbivores? 
  • Which dinosaur is tallest?
  • Which one has the letter T?

3-4 year olds!

  • With this flashcard activity, there's lots of different ways to inspire your little ones to read, recognise, write and learn letters!
  • Leave the letters seperate and ask them to match it to the right ones on the flashcards
  • Take the letters off and using a whiteboard pen, you can trace the letters!
  • Show the difference between lowercase and uppercase letters on the cards
  • If you have dinosaurs, Ivan (my 3 year old!) loved matching his to the right dinosaurs! 

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