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The Christmas Kindness Mission

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Would you like to add a personalised mission card & star?
Would you like to add a thank you letter when the wreath is finished?


Are you ready for a special Christmas mission this year?

Along with a letter explains all, the elves in the north pole have chosen you to help with raising the Christmas Spirit Meter higher! In order to do this, we have 6 mission cards to complete over December. You can choose one to focus on each day. To earn our self love badge, we need to say 3 nice things about ourselves, do a mindful activity like a puzzle or colouring and to write down or talk about our feelings!

When a whole mission card has been ticked, a magical star badge will appear the next day to hang on your wreath!

The more star badges we earn, the higher the Christmas Spirit Meter gets!

This is an activity designed to inspire children and adults to do simple, thoughtful activities this Christmas.

Suitable from ages 3+

What included in this set?:

  • An illustrated aluminium wreath backed onto wood with 6 hooks
  • 6 mission stars to hook onto the wreath when earned! (printed onto aluminium)
  • A personalised mission card holder book (A7 size)
  • 6 christmas mission cards (printed onto aluminium) 

Use a whiteboard pen to tick these if you'd like to reuse them next year (as it'll just rub off!) or use any pen which will stay on.

  • An A4 personalised letter printed onto vintage paper, explaining what to do. Rolled up and tied with candy cane string!

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