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Phase 4 Sounds - Practise and Consolidate

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This Phase 4 sounds board has been made to be visually appealing to younger children and engage them in a fun educational activity! Phase 4 sounds teaches children to blend and segment longer words with adjacent consonants. Everything they have learnt from phase 2 and 3 comes together.


  • Sound button the CVCC, CCVCC, CCCVCC and polysyllabic words 
  • Column 1 is the easiest, column two is harder and then column 3 is the most skilled words which you can break up if needed
  • You can search for phase 4 words an write new ones to try at the bottom, or ask your child to!
  • Trace the words and try to write independently on a seperate whiteboard


1 x A4 aluminium sheet

Use any whiteboard pen and simply rub off if needed.

 Design is copyrighted by Craftly