My Wooden Family (6 people)

  • £62.00

This personalised family portrait is customised from start to finish to match your family. Hand painted in your choice of colours, it's a unique centrepiece to hang on your wall! Designed in a signature Craftly 'cartoon' style.

Choose your personalisation in the next two photos. 

Order of people on the board, will be in the order you write them in. Please make sure this is correct.

Frame size measures 60 x 40 cm 

This frame is square and will have two rows of people (e.g. 2 adults on top and 3 children at the bottom).

Made from MDF wood

Please fill in the following form after purchase and send to

Order Number:

Family Name / Title in Banner:

Colour of Title Banner:

Background Colour:

Frame Border Colour:

Person 1

  • Name:
  • Name Badge Colour:
  • Skin Colour: Ivory / Dark
  • Eye Colour: Blue / Green / Brown / Black / Grey
  • Hairstyle (see picture 2): 1-12
  • Hair Colour (see picture 3 for Colour chart): 1-25
  • Facial Hair/Colour: styles 13-15 and colours 1-25
  • Top Colour: 1-25
  • Top Pattern: Star logo / Stripes / Polka Dots / Buttons / Plain
  • Accessories: Hair bow / Bow tie / Glasses 16-17 / Hair clip / Dummy / Earrings / Please disclose any colours for your chosen accessories
  • Facial Features: Please leave in the following of what you'd like adding to your person (painted) - Blush / Cheek Freckles / Stubble / Mole

Repeat this form for each family member