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Initial Sounds Matching Board

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Use this simple and reusable initial sounds whiteboard to help your children practise letters and sound recognition. 

Using letter and sound recognition games that are interactive and fun like this, keeps children engaged and is so important to build the foundation for their reading, writing and speech skills in the future. 


  • Stick three picture tokens in the centre of the board, the write two letter chocies (one wrong, one right) for your child to circle the RIGHT one.
  • Use different tokens to swap and reuse!
  • Refer to an alphabet or phonics board to help with sounds
  • Later on you can ask your child to write the letter independently
  • More picture sets are available to swap and use


 1 x A5 aluminium whiteboard

10 x aluminium tiles with simple word pictures

(+ additional option to buy a whole a-z pack)

Any whiteboard pen can be used 

 Design is copyrighted by Craftly