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Small Joys Daily Activity Board - Gratitude and Mindfulness

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Teaching children gratitude can help with boosting their self esteem and happiness. It also has other important emotional health benefits such as reducing stress. 
Craftly has designed this fun, bright and visual activity to open a mindful conversation about gratitude and things we are thankful for.

A selection of tokens are purposely open ended as prompts. What part of your body are you thankful for? Did you use your strong legs to walk today? I am so grateful my strong legs can walk all the way to the park!

Suitable for all ages from 4+

Made from 0.3mm aluminium and printed onto two A5 sheets

Includes 18 aluminium square tokens (measuring 25mm each) - one of them is blank to add your own personalised one

You can also use a whiteboard pen on this board to write your own! Each corner has a blank space for this purpose.

Display on a wall in your children's room, or store in a folder to bring out every day.