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CVC Word Builder Activity Mat

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CVC picture tokens amount
Alphabet add-ons

CVC stands for Consonant, Vowel, Consonant and CVC words refer to words that are made up in this pattern, for example, Dog. CVC words are introduced to reception an EYFS children to begin learning to read and spell.

There's endless word options for this world builder, as different picture tokens can be swapped attached. The starter pack is a mix of different vowels, but you can buy additional packs for specific vowel practise.


  • Stick three tokens of your choice down the left hand side for your child to spell
  • You can buy an alphabet pack to help with spelling and choosing letters, or use it to write on for more confident children.
  • You can start by using a letter yourself to stick on, or let your child choose and stick. 
  • For early learners, you can write the word somewhere for them to find the letters


 1 x A5 aluminium whiteboard

10 x aluminium tiles with different 3 letter sounds

(+ additional option buy alphabet pack & boards)

Any whiteboard pen can be used 

 Design is copyrighted by Craftly

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