Children's Focus Mat

  • £20.00

This educational focus mat is designed to inspire children's reading, writing, maths, pen practice and cognitive learning. 

Simply choose your themed pack to focus on that day. The aluminium tokens are stuck on with velcro, so you can switch your themed packs over when doing a new one. 

Each themed pack (bought seperately) includes:

🦕 4-5 aluminium cards with illustrations, names and / or definitions relating to the focus (measuring 10 cm)
✏️ 2 picture cards to draw / trace for practicing pen control (measures 10cm)
🧩 8 little tokens to piece together a puzzle 
📝 a freehand writing section to copy words from the focus cards
👩‍💻 facts to research and gain interest in the focus
📊 6 tokens with amounts on to mix and match for maths problems

Buy token sets here:

Themed Token packs are released monthly and can be used across the whole focus mats range 

Main board measures approx A3

Made from super sturdy aluminium to wipe and last longer against little hands!

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