Difference and Diversity Print

For my counselling course level 3 diploma, this week we focused on difference and diversity. The most profound thing I learned from this session was that so many people talk about the things we SHOULDN'T say in regards to race, religion, ethnicity and so on. Difference and diversity courses all over the country talk about what to avoid.
It's almost like we're scared to open up a conversation in case we were to 'offend' anyone. 
My tutor is a black woman who is passionate about presenting this topic and she said people should start with getting curious. She passed around her bag of 'goodies' as she called it, which held brown colour plasters, black barbie dolls, sun cream, fake tan, greetings cards with illustrations of black children and adults, nude ballet slippers and more. She shared what these represented to her growing up. Did you know it was RARE to find a plaster that matched darker skin tones? Did you know the ballet slippers are nude to match those of a white skin colour?
When I first started digitally designing for Craftly, I was very aware that I wanted my illustrations to represent a diverse range of skin colours. I didn't want the 'standard' to be a white human. Let's celebrate the wonderful differences in us all. You can right click on this print and save it to print and frame. I hope you love it!

Kim x


diversity image